• Minister

    Doug Watts

    Doug Watts has been the fulltime evangelist here in Winfield since February, 2012. He and his wife Autumn, came to Winfield from Ephrata Washington, where Doug served as the evangelist for about twelve years.

    Doug is a native of New Zealand. He was born there to American parents who were missionaries in that country. Upon his return to the USA in 1978, Doug attended the Bear Valley School of Preaching in Denver, Colorado. There he met and married Autumn Brant. Doug and Autumn have two children, Chris and Rebecca, who are married and faithful members of the Lord’s church. They have one grandchild.

    After Doug and Autumn graduated from Bear Valley, they worked with a small church in Colorado then moved to Terrace, British Columbia Canada to establish a church of Christ. They worked there for eleven years before they moved to Ephrata, Washington in 2000.

    Doug and Autumn are both actively involved in the Lord’s church here in Winfield and also have a deep concern for souls. Doug says…

    “Our goal here in the Winfield church is to each grow in our relationship with the Lord. We are always striving to use God’s grace toward us to reach out to others with the love that He has for us. Each of us wants to please the Lord and go to heaven. And, we want everyone around us to achieve that as well. The church here wants to grow in number, not for our own glory, but for God’s. A larger church means more souls saved and more people experiencing a better life here on earth. If Autumn and I had one wish for our family members and everyone we come into contact with, it would be that they love the Lord, know His love for us, and go to heaven. It is our primary focus to help everyone accomplish those goals.”

  • Elders

    Terry Lawrence

    Terry was born and raised here in Winfield. His parents, Gerald and Junea Lawrence, were members of the church here together for many decades. His father has passed away.  Junea continues to worship and serve with the church here.

    Terry became a Christian when he was twelve years old.  After graduating from Winfield High, he attended and received a Bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University.

    After graduating, Terry worked in banking for a few years, and later as a part of management for two different local manufacturing companies.  He has been a part time farmer since graduating from college and in 2013 he “retired” to work full time with his son, Jarrod, in their farming operation.

    Terry has been a member of the church here for most of his life. He became an elder in 2007, along with Steve Rice and Bobby Wheat (who has since moved away).  He has served the church in many ways. He continues to teach the adult Sunday school class and has, in years past, taught fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, and the teens.  He is a song leader and delivers sermons when called upon in the absence of the preacher.  He has served as the church treasurer for over 25 years.

    Terry’s wife, Anne, was baptized into Christ when they were dating. After over forty years of marriage, they have three adult children who are also faithful members of the church.  Jarrod and Matt and their families worship here in Winfield.  Their daughter Sarah and her family worship with the church of Christ in Newton, Kansas.

    Terry says this about being an elder…

    “The Lord's plan for His church was that each congregation should have their own elders.  I have attended this congregation for many years when we did not have an eldership.  I believe that it is better to have elders than not.  An elder has a tremendous responsibility to lead by example, to encourage, to be loving and patient, and be faithful to the truth of the Gospel as taught in scripture.  It is a very humbling task to help others maintain their walk with Christ while working on my own shortcomings and weaknesses.  My thought, my goal, is that together we can walk that straight and narrow path that leads to everlasting life.”
    Steve Rice

    Steve Rice was born in Newton, Kansas.  He was introduce to Christ by his best friend in High School and became a Christian his junior year in 1976.  After graduating from High School, Steve went to work for Jarvis auto supply. He has worked in the auto parts industry since. 

    Steve married his best friend’s sister, Joyce Fox, in 1978. After 35 plus years of marriage, Steve and Joyce have two daughters, Jessica and Elissa who are faithful members of the Lord’s church. Both are married to Christian husbands. Steve and Joyce have been blessed with three lovely granddaughters.

    The Rice family moved to Augusta, Kansas in 1983, where Steve worked in auto parts and they worshiped with the church of Christ there.  In 1993 they moved back to Winfield where they have worked and worshiped ever since.

    Steve has worked in the auto parts business for 36 years. He started working here in Winfield for a company and later worked in several towns in eastern Kansas for the same company. In 2006 he ventured out with a business associate and they now own two auto parts stores; one in Winfield and one in Augusta. Steve enjoys enjoy working in and serving the community of Winfield.

    Steve has been a Christian for 38 years. In 2007, he became an elder, along with Terry Lawrence and Bobby Wheat. Bobby has since moved away.

    Steve says this about being an elder…

    “I am grateful for the sacrifice Christ made for me. I want to serve Christ in full capacity and help others grow to be strong and faithful Christians. I have attended congregations where there are elders and where there are not. It is definitely better to work and serve where there are elders since this is God’s design for the church. The church in Winfield did not have elders and I felt it was my generation’s responsibility to step up make the change. I also knew that I need to personally step up and take the challenge.  I became and elder in 2007. I have been blessed in this role and am striving to lead the congregation here as Christ would expect me to.  ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’”

  • Deacons

    Randy Goben
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    Chris Smith
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